Creating a Play Area

Reference Number: KB-02799
Last Modified: September 29, 2015

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Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite


I want to create a city park or a children's play area. What tools can I use to create an interesting park?


There are several tools that can be used to create an interesting and engaging play area. In this article we will cover using spline sidewalks, creating a parking lot and using terrain features to show bark cushioning for playground equipment. 

To create spline sidewalks

  1. Click Terrain> Road and Sidewalk> Spline Sidewalk .

  2. Click and drag out segments. As soon as two straight segments connect end-to-end, they become a curve that passes through the endpoints defined by the original segments.

  3. Continue dragging out segments until you have the shape you want.

To create a parking lot

  1. Click Terrain> Road and Sidewalk> Parking Lot and click and drag to create a rectangular parking lot.

  2. Space divider lines can be created with rectangular terrain features. Click Terrain> Feature> Rectangular Feature .

  3. Click and drag a thin rectangular feature on top of the parking lot area. Using the Select Objects arrow click the newly created terrain feature and then click Open Object

  4. In the Terrain Feature Specification dialog that displays, click the Materials panel.

  • Click on the lower Terrain Feature listing then click the Library Material button. 

  • Click OK to close out the Select Library Object  dialog when you have chosen your color. 

  • Choose a color for the stripes of your parking lot. 
    In this example Materials> Colors> Color Palettes> Re-Mix> Color - Bone is used. 

  • Click OK to close out the Terrain Feature Specification dialog. 

  • Click the Copy/Paste  tool then click in your parking lot to copy the stripe on your parking lot. Repeat as necessary until you get the desired number of spaces.  

  • Add a Curb by clicking Terrain> Terrain Wall and Curb> Straight Terrain Curb .

    Click and drag a curb around the edges of the parking lot.

  • To add areas for playground equipment

    1. Click Terrain> Feature> Spline Feature  then click and drag to create a round feature for the area around playground equipment.

      These features can have a Bark material applied to them to create a more cushioned area for kids to safely play on. Materials can be applied by using the Materials panel of the Terrain Feature Specification dialog as outlined above for the parking lot stripes or by using the Material Painter in a camera view. 

    2. Playground equipment can be added to your Library by downloading the Outdoor Recreation catalog found in our 3D Library.