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Last Modified: July 23, 2021

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I am modeling a garden in Home Designer and noticed that not all of the plants listed in the Library Browser will grow in my area.

How can I narrow down these results to only display plants that will grow in my zone?


Narrowing down the type of plants available for your zone, by a particular flower or leaf color, bloom time, height, or type is easy to do using the Home Designer Plant Chooser.

To use the Plant Chooser

  1. Select Terrain> Plant> Plant Chooser to display the Plant Chooser dialog

  2. Use the Plant Chooser to search the library for plant images and symbols that meet your search parameters.

    • You can search using any, or all, of the options in this dialog including:

    • The Common Name, Scientific Name, or Variety Name for the plant. A Pronunciation field is also provided.

    • The Flower Color or Leaf Color of the plant.

    • When the plant produces flowers in the Bloom Time field.

    • Special needs, such as Sun, Water, Soil pH, and Hardiness Zone range.

    • If you are unfamiliar with what zone you are located in, click on the View Map button to display the Hardiness Zone Map and use the drop-down menu to specify your region.

    • The type of plant such as Annual, Bulb, Perennial/Biennial, Cactus/Succulent, Shrub or Tree.

    • The sub-type of plant, such as Nut, Turf, Herb, Fruit, Climber, Aquatic, Vegetable, Deciduous, Evergreen, Houseplant, Ground cover or Ornamental Grass.

    • The special characteristics of the plant, such as Attractive Foliage, Attracts Birds & Butterflies, Self-Sowing, Container, Cut Flowers, US Native/Wildflower, Easy to Grow, Fast Growing, Fragrant, Fall Color, Winter Interest, or Deer Resistant.

  3. Once you have selected the options that you want to search for, click on the Search button in the bottom left corner of the dialog to display the search results in the right of the Plant Chooser dialog.

  4. Select a plant in the list and click on the View Item button to see a preview of the plant in the Plant Information dialog.

  5. Once you have verified that this is the plant that you want to place in your plan, click OK to return to the Plant Chooser dialog, select the plant, and click in your plan to place it.

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