Computer System Requirements

PC Minimum1

Mac Minimum1

Locating Your Computer's Specifications

Tips for Buying a New Computer

If you are thinking about purchasing a new computer to run Chief Architect, read our ChiefBlog article to learn more about computer specifications.

Differences Between PC and Mac Versions of Home Designer

PC Mac
Walkthrough Export Formats
.AVI / .MP4 / .WMV .MOV / .MP4 / .M4V
.WMF / .EMF Support
Yes No
Yes No
Virtual Reality5
Yes No

1 Windows computers with ARM processors are not supported. It is recommended that laptops have a minimum 16" screen.

2 Supported video cards include (1) dedicated video cards such as NVIDIA GeForce RTX (2) Intel integrated graphics on 6th generation or newer Intel processors (i3/i5/i7).

3 DirectX 12 requires Shader Model 6.0 or newer. Learn how to identify the shader model of your graphics card.

4 Internet access required for installation, license authentication, deactivation and video & library catalog access. Internet access for license authentication is required once every 14 days.

Known Incompatibilities

5 Virtual reality requires a computer that meets the system requirements of both Chief Architect and the VR headset manufacturer. Learn more.