Computer System Requirements

PC Minimum

Mac Minimum

1 Supported video cards include (1) dedicated video cards such as NVIDIA GeForce or AMD gaming cards or (2) Intel integrated graphics Gen7.5/Haswell or newer.

How can I tell which video card I have?

2 Internet access required for installation, license authentication, deactivation and video & library catalog access. Internet access for license authentication is required once every 14 days.

How can I tell if I have a 64-bit Operating System?

Tips for Buying a New Computer

PC and Mac Recommended

  • 16 GB of memory
  • 50 GB of available hard disk space
  • 4 GB or greater gaming video card (workstation cards are not recommended)

Differences between PC and Mac versions of Home Designer

PC Mac
Walkthrough Export Formats
.AVI / .MP4 / .WMV .MOV / .MP4 / .M4V
.WMF / .EMF Support
Yes No