Creating Custom Driveways and Sidewalks

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Last Modified: July 14, 2021

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How do I create custom driveways and sidewalks?

Custom driveway and sidewalk leading to a residential home


Driveways and sidewalks can be drawn using the Road and Sidewalk terrain tools. Road and Sidewalk features follow the slopes of your terrain so you can easily create a wide variety of designs for your home's exterior.

To add a custom driveway

  1. Create a Terrain Perimeter by clicking Terrain> Create Terrain Perimeter , if you don't already have one.

  2. Select Terrain> Road and Sidewalk> Driveway Area  from the menu.

  3. Left-click near the top left corner of the garage and drag down and to the left to create the first part of the driveway.

    Drawing out the driveway area

  4. To create a turn in the driveway:

    • Click to select the driveway, select the Add Break  tool from the Edit Toolbar, then left-click along the bottom edge of the driveway to place break.

      Adding a break along an edge of the driveway

    • Select and drag the left line segment downward.

      Dragging one segment to reshape the driveway

  5. To curve the corner of the driveway:

    • Select the driveway and click the Add Break edit tool.

    • Place a break in from the upper left corner of the driveway.

    • Click and drag the diamond shaped move handle on the corner down to create a 45° angle.

      Angling the upper left corner of the driveway

    • With the angled edge selected go to the edit toolbar and click the Change Line/Arc  edit button to create the curve. The shape of the curve can be adjusted using the edit handles.

      Changing the Angled Edge into an Arc

  6. With the Select Objects Select Objects tool icon tool, click on the driveway and then click on Open Object Open Object tool icon to be able to change the Thickness of the driveway.

To create a custom sidewalk

  1. Select Terrain> Road and Sidewalk> Straight Sidewalk  from the menu.

  2. Click and drag a line from the center of your entry stairs.

    Drawing in a Sidewalk

  3. Click and drag a smaller, 45° segment.

    Adding an angled second section of sidewalk

  4. Click and drag the final segment to meet the driveway.

    Connecting a third sidewalk section

  5. To curve the 45° segment:

    • Select the smaller, 45° sidewalk segment.

      Selecting angled sidewalk segment

    • Click the Change Line/Arc  tool on the Edit Toolbar.

      Changing the middle sidewalk segment to an arc

  6. With the Select Objects Select Objects tool icon tool, click on the sidewalk and then click on Open Object Open Object tool icon to be able to change the Thickness of the sidewalk.

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