Downloading Library Catalogs

Reference Number: KB-00048
Last Modified: March 5, 2020

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite or Home Designer Interiors or Home Designer Essentials


How can I locate fixtures, furnishings, and other objects to place into my plans?


Fixtures, furnishings, and much more can all be downloaded into your Home Designer program's Library Browser.

Home Designer will prompt you to install the Core Content library files the first time the program is launched. If you do not download the Core Content at that time, though, you can do so later on when it is more convenient. You can also download bonus and manufacturer content located in the 3D Library.

To download and install core content

  1. Launch Home Designer and start a New Plan .

  2. Select Library> Install Core Content from the menu.

    The Core Catalogs contain a lot of data, which may take some time to download. A progress indicator will display at the bottom of the Library Browser side window, if it is open.

  3. When the Core Catalogs have been completely installed, an information message will display advising that "Your Library Catalogs are up to date." Click OK.

    Information box stating "Your Library Catalogs are up to date."

  4. The Library Browser side window is docked on the right side of the program window. You can open and close it by selecting View> Library Browser , and can both browse and search its contents.

  5. If the Core Catalogs install with errors, or you believe that you may be missing content, select Library> Update Library Catalogs from the menu. If you continue to experience errors, please visit the "Troubleshooting Library Download Issues" article linked in the Related Articles section below.

The Home Designer Core Catalogs and Bonus Catalogs are updated periodically to include new and improved content. Library> Update Library Catalogs not only identifies and downloads missing content - it also replaces any outdated items with the latest version. A progress indicator will display at the bottom of the Library Browser while catalogs are updated.

You can also download and import a selection of Bonus and Manufacturer Catalogs from our 3D Library mentioned below.

To download bonus or manufacturer catalogs

  1. Select Library> Get Additional Content Online from within the software.

    Note: You can also visit the Home Designer website and navigate to the 3D Library. Be sure to select the correct Product Family, Product, and Version, as each catalog is designed to work with specific programs only. If you download and import a catalog that was not intended for your program, it may install successfully, but its content will not be available to use.

    • Click on a category to expand its contents.

    • Mouse over the Info  icon at the top of a catalog thumbnail for a summary of its details.

    • Click the Like button if you think the catalog is:

      • as described.
      • of good quality.
      • or worth recommending to others.

    • Click on the catalog thumbnail image to go to the full overview page of the catalog.

  2. If you would like to download a catalog, click the Download Arrow icon or the Download Download button button.

    • If you're prompted to sign in, proceed with entering the e-mail address and password for your online account. If you don't have an account, one will need to be created to download additional content. See the Related Articles section below for more information on creating an account.

    • Once signed in, select the catalog download link that corresponds to the Home Designer version you own.

    Many catalogs can be downloaded free of charge, some are available for optional purchase, and some are only available to Chief Architect Premier users with active Support and Software Assurance (SSA).

  3. Depending on your web browser, you may be prompted to either Open or Save the .calibz file.

    • Choose Open if that open is available.

    • If it's not, choose Save to download the file to your computer.

      Some web browsers will automatically download and open a file, and some will automatically save the file to your computer.

      If you're unsure where the downloaded library file may have gone, check the Downloads folder on your system.

  4. If you chose to Open the file, it should start the download and import process into Home Designer automatically. If the catalog fails to import into the program automatically, please follow the steps in the "Associating Plan, Layout, and Library Files with the Latest Version of Chief Architect or Home Designer" article, which can be accessed in the Related Articles section below. Once you have followed the steps in the article, repeat Steps 2-3 above.

    If  you chose to Save the file, then you will need to import the library manually. Select Library> Import Library from within the Home Designer software and then browse to where you saved the .calibz file. Typically, this will be your Downloads folder on your system. Select the .calibz file, choose Open, and the library will then be imported into your Library Browser. If you choose to use this process to import libraries, you can group select multiple .calibz files on your system and import them all at once.

  5. Once one or more libraries have been imported, an Information message will display advising that "The Library Import has completed successfully" followed by the number of items that have been imported. Click OK.

    Information box stating "The Library Import has completed successfully."

  6. The imported catalog can now be found in the Library Browser by either navigating to its location, or by searching.

Most Home Designer programs are also able to import 3D symbols from third party sources. To learn more, see the Related Articles section below.