Using the Click Stairs Tool

Reference Number: KB-00848
Last Modified: September 6, 2016

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I am trying to use the Click Stairs tool but keep getting an error message. How is this tool supposed to be used?


Unlike the other Stair Tools, Click Stairs cannot be used to draw stairs between different floors - such as Floor 1 and Floor 2 - in a plan.  Instead, the Click Stairs tool is a convenient tool for creating a stair section between floor platforms on the same floor of a plan, or from an exterior room, such as a deck or porch, down to the terrain.

To create stairs between platforms on the same floor

  1. Select File> New Plan  to open a new, blank plan and use the Straight Exterior Wall tool to draw a simple, rectangular room.

  2. Select Build> Wall> Straight Railing and draw a railing that divides the room into two parts.

  3. Click the Select Objects button, then click in one of the rooms to select it and click the Open Object edit button.

  4. On the Structure Panel of the Room Specification dialog, delete the Floor (C) value and replace it with a different value. 

    In this example, a value of -24" is used. 

  5. Select Build> Stairs> Click Stairs from the menu, then move your cursor into the room with the lower floor height.  Position it within a few plan feet of the railing wall separating the two rooms and click once. 

  6. A set of stairs is created between the two rooms, along with an opening in the railing wall.