Drawing Curved Walls Next to and Under Curved Stairs

Reference Number: KB-00712
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

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I would like to place curved stairs in my plan next to a curved wall using Home Designer. How can I get the curved wall to line up with the curved stairs?


It is easy to create a curved staircase and walls that meet seamlessly.

To create a curved stair

  1. First, select either of the Curved Stairs  tools and click once in floor plan view to place the curved stairs in the plan.

    Edit the width and radius as desired using the edit handles.

    Alternately, you can also create a Straight Stair  section, then select it, and click on the Change Line/Arc  edit tool to change it in to a curved stair section.

  2. Once you have the stairs in the correct location, select Build> Wall> Straight Interior Wall  from the menu and draw anchor walls for the ends of the curved walls, as demonstrated in the image below.

    • The picture above shows the placement of these straight wall sections as a preliminary setup for placing a curved wall next to the stairs and a curved wall under the stairs.

  3. Next, select Build> Wall> Curved Interior Wall , then click and drag to draw a curved wall between the two straight walls on the outside edge of the curved stairs.  Don't worry about accuracy at this time, simply make sure the curved wall is connected to the straight walls. 

  4. Adjust the curve of the curved wall using its edit handles. Click on the wall to select it, then grab the triangular edit handle and drag it to change the radius of the wall to match the curve of the stairs.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to draw the wall under the inside edge of the stairs.

    To see the wall drawn under the inside edge of the stairs, open the Staircase Specification dialog, go to the Fill Style panel, and set the Fill Pattern to None (Transparent).


  6. When you have the curved walls where you want them, you can remove some or all of the anchor walls drawn in step 2, above.

  7. Add a decorative touch by placing an Arcways(R) Boxed Newel from the Library Browser.

  8. To create a stairwell, click on the stairway to select it and then click the Auto Stairwell  edit button.