Creating a T-Shaped Staircase

Reference Number: KB-00266
Last Modified: July 23, 2021

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How do I create a T-shaped staircase? 


A staircase that shares a landing with two additional staircases can be created using Home Designer. The result is a T-shaped staircase configuration.

Constructing a shared landing between three staircases can be accomplished by following the steps in this article.

To create a T-shaped landing

  1. Select Build> Stairs> Draw Stairs , then click and drag in a floor plan view to build the first section of the staircase.

  2. Use the same tool to build a second staircase that will share the landing. This staircase should be perpendicular to the first staircase with the corners touching.

    Perpendicular stairs without landing

  3. With the Draw Stairs tool still selected, click in the empty space between the two staircases. A landing will be created. At this point, two staircases in an L-shape design connect and share a landing.

    L-shaped Staircase with landing

    You can turn railings on/off for a particular edge of the landing on the General panel within the Stair Landing Specification. For more information on how to edit the railings of a landing, please visit the Related Articles section below.

  4. Start at and drag away from the landing while drawing in the third stair segment.

    T-Shaped Stairs with Landing

  5. Finally, position the third staircase to precisely intersect with the landing.

The same process works to create two staircases that join together at a landing and meet up with a single staircase that continues upward.