Creating a Room under a Staircase

Reference Number: KB-00265
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

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How do I add a small room under my staircase?


When a wall is drawn under a staircase the wall will be cut by the stairs.

To create a room under a staircase

  1. From the menu select Build> Stairs> Straight Stairs.

    • Click and drag the mouse across an area of a room

    • Release the mouse button to create a stair case.

  2. To build a wall for the room under the stairs, select Build> Wall> Interior Wall from the menu.

    • Click and drag the cursor to draw a wall parallel to the edge of the staircase. Make sure that you stop at least one full riser short of the end of the staircase.

    • Select the wall and using the Move edit handle , drag the wall so that it's outside edge lines up with the edge of the staircase.

  3. To add a door to this new room select Build> Door> Door .

    • Once you are in door mode click along the interior wall to place a door.

      If it is necessary to see items placed under the stairs turn the Stair's fill style to None (Transparent) on the Fill Style Panel of the Staircase Specification dialog.