Message: This site requires JavaScript to be fully operational.

Reference Number: KB-02851
Last Modified: July 12, 2024

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When I visit some web pages, I see a message similar to this one on my screen:   

  • "This site requires JavaScript to be fully operational."

What does this mean?


Many web pages use JavaScript to accomplish certain tasks and provide additional functionality in your browser. If you are seeing this message, then something has prevented JavaScript from running and may cause problems when visiting some web pages. Please see the appropriate resource below to enable JavaScript on your web browser.

To enable JavaScript

Third party add-ons and extensions

Many third party extensions can be added to your browser to enhance their capabilities, block ads, or protect you from specific types of privacy and security threats. Among these are extensions that keep JavaScript from executing on web pages.

If you have any such extensions or add-ons installed to your browser then you might try disabling them temporarily.


For more information on troubleshooting issues with JavaScript or other settings/preferences in your browser, visit your browser's help page.