Showing Demolition Walls in a Plan

Reference Number: KB-01170
Last Modified: October 24, 2018

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Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite


I'm working on a remodel, or addition, and I need to show the demolition walls in the plan. How can I differentiate the demo walls, or walls to be removed, from the other walls?


One way to show demo walls in a plan is to replace the walls with closed CAD polylines.


To show demo walls

  1. Zoom  in close to the wall you want to demo.

  2. Click CAD> CAD> Draw Polyline .

    In Home Designer Pro, this tool is located under CAD> Boxes> Rectangular Polyline .

  3. Draw a  over the top of the walls you want to demo, snapping to the sides of the wall.

    • In this image, use the Break Line  tool to add additional edit handles to shape the polyline around a corner.

    • Leave spaces for doors and windows if desired.

  4. With the polyline selected click the Open Object edit tool to display the Polyline Specification dialog.

  5. On the Fill Style panel:

    • Choose a Fill Pattern. In this example, an Angle Hatch with 3" spacing was used.

    • Choose a Fill Color. In this example, dark grey was used.

  6. With the Select Object  arrow, delete or move the walls from under the CAD polylines.

    • If you have trouble selecting the walls, instead of the polylines, click the Next  edit button on the toolbar (or press the Tab key on your keyboard) to cycle through nearby objects.

  7. Other details, like windows, can be drawn in with additional CAD lines by clicking CAD> CAD> Draw Line .

    In Home Designer Pro, this tool is located under CAD> Lines> Draw Line .

Note: If you want to place an object in the same area and not have it snap to the CAD polylines, like placing a table in this dining nook, hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard to temporarily disable snapping so you can freely move objects.


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