Changing a Walls Fill Color to Black

Reference Number: KB-00200
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite or Home Designer Interiors or Home Designer Essentials or Home Designer Landscape & Deck


How can I make my walls appear solid black?


Creating solid black walls will vary depending on your version of Home Designer. In this article, we discuss methods for both the less advanced and more advanced versions of the software. We will begin by discussing how to make walls appear as a solid black in the less advanced versions of the software.

In Home Designer Essentials, Home Designer Interiors, Home Design Landscape and Deck, and Home Designer Suite, follow these instructions for creating the appearance of solid black walls in floor plan.

To create solid black wall hatching

  1. Launch the software and Open the plan in which you want to change you walls to appear as solid black in floor plan view.

  2. Select Build> Wall> Hatch Wall , and click on a wall that you want to change to be solid black.

    • You may be prompted with a question that advises that the "Walls, Hatching" layer is not displayed, and asks if you want to turn it on. If so, choose Yes.

  3. Once the hatching has been applied to the wall, click on it with the Hatch tool still active, so that it selects.

    You can verify that it is the Wall Hatching selected, and not the wall, by looking at the bottom left of the Status Bar which shows you the name of the object you have selected.

  4. Click on the Open Object edit button to display the Wall Hatch Specification dialog.

    • Change the Fill Pattern to Solid.

    • Set the Fill Color to Black.

    • Click OK to apply the change.

  5. Repeat this process for any other walls in your plan that you want to display as solid black.

While you can apply a solid wall hatching in the more advanced programs as well, there is a feature that allows for you to actually modify the wall types, rather than specify a solid black hatch for each individual wall.

In Home Designer Architectural and Home Designer Pro, you have more control over you Wall Type Definitions, and can change these to be solid black, as well as set them as your default so you always draw with a solid black wall type for your interior and exterior walls.

To modify the Fill Style for Wall Types

  1. Launch the software and select New Plan .

  2. Select Edit> Default Settings , then click on the arrow  sign next to Walls, highlight the Exterior/Interior Wall option, and click on the Edit button.

  3. In the Exterior/Interior Wall Defaults dialog, under Exterior Wall, click on the Define button to display the Wall Type Definitions dialog.

    • Click on the Copy button to make of copy of the existing default Siding-6 wall type.

    • Rename the Copy of Siding-6 wall to Siding-6 Black Fill

    • In the preview of the wall type at the bottom of the dialog, select and go through each layer and set the Fill Style to Solid and the Fill Color to black until all 5 layers of this wall type are solid black.

      Make sure to leave the Main Layer set at 4, which is the thickest layer and your Fir Stud layer material. It is also important to remember to keep all of these layers, as opposed to creating a single layer wall type with a black fill, for the purposes of applying materials, generating framing, and creating a Materials List.

    • Once you have finished making these changes, click OK to return to the Exterior/Interior Wall Defaults dialog with this wall type set as your default.

  4. Repeat this process of copying and modifying the wall by choosing to Define the Interior-4 wall type as well.

  5. Once you have created copies of the default wall types where they have a completely black fill for all of the wall layers, click OK to set these Wall Types as your default.

  6. Now, when you build interior or exterior walls, they will be completely black in floor plan view.

If you have already created a plan with the default colored wall, you can follow the same basic instructions discussed above. Once you have copied the walls and set them up appropriately, then on a wall by wall basis you can open the Wall Specification dialog and use the drop-down menu for Wall Type to change the walls from Siding-6 or Interior-4 to the appropriate modified Black Fill wall type.

  • In Home Designer Architectural, this drop down menu is located on the General panel.

  • In Home Designer Pro, the Wall Type drop down menu is on the Wall Types panel.