Displaying Dimensions in Inches

Reference Number: KB-01018
Last Modified: July 21, 2021

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or HomeDesigner Suite


I would like to create dimension lines that display only in inches. How can I accomplish this? 


In Home Designer, you have the ability to set your Dimension Defaults to display dimensions in feet and inches, feet, or just inches.

To access the Dimension Defaults

  1. Select Edit> Default Settings to display the Default Settings dialog.

  2. Select the Dimension category to highlight it, then select the Edit button to open the Dimension Defaults dialog.

    Selecting the Dimension category and then clicking the Edit button in the Default Settings dialog

    Note: In Home Designer Professional, expand the Dimension category, select Dimensions, then click the Edit button.

  3. On Format panel, use the Units drop-down menu to select " to have all created dimensions show inches only (example: 37" instead of 3'-1").

    Selecting inches from the Units drop-down menu located on the Format panel of the Dimension Defaults dialog

  4. Click OK to apply the change.