Changing Your Dimension Settings

Reference Number: KB-00491
Last Modified: August 17, 2018

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite or Home Designer Interiors or Home Designer Essentials


When I use the Auto Exterior Dimensions or Manual Dimension tools, the dimension lines do not locate walls where I want them to. How can I adjust their settings?


You can specify how Manual and Auto Exterior Dimension lines locate both interior and exterior walls by changing the settings in the Dimension Defaults dialog.

To modify the manual dimension defaults

  1. With a plan open, select Edit> Default Settings , select Dimension, and click the Edit button to access the Dimension Defaults dialog.

    Note: Temporary Dimensions, which display when an object is selected and shows the distance between the object's selected edge and other objects, are not affected by adjusting these Dimension Defaults.

  2. On the Setup panel:

    • Choose whether or not to have Automatic Exterior Dimensions update or refresh any time a change is made to a wall, window or door.

    • Determine what wall layers dimensions will locate, either the wall's surface, or the wall's main layer.

    • Determine how interior walls will be marked, either the wall center, or both sides of the wall.

      In Home Designer Pro, this information is on the Locate Objects panel of the Dimensions Defaults or Manual Dimensions dialog, depending on version, which offers more control over locating objects such as Cabinets, CAD Objects and Fixtures.

  3. On the Format panel, you can make changes to dimensions such as changing the unit format, decimal or fraction accuracy, and location of dimension text.

  4. On the Text Style panel, you can also adjust the way that text displays, such as the size, color and font for dimensions on the Text Style panel.

    Note: To change these settings, the Use Default Text Style box must be unchecked. 

  5. Click OK to apply the changes.