Message: The output from this window will overlap the edges of the layout page.

Reference Number: KB-00978
Last Modified: July 19, 2021

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect InteriorsVertical SeparatorHome Designer Professional


When I send some views to layout, the following message displays:

"At the selected scale, this view is too large to fit on the layout page. You can change the current scale by selecting the Layout Box and using the Rescale Layout View edit toolbar button."


"At the selected scale, this view is too large to fit on the layout page. Do you want to continue?"

Why is this happening and what should I do about it?


This message appears when you send a view to layout at a scale that makes it either taller than the layout drawing sheet's height or wider than its width, or both.

There are three ways to address this issue:

  • Specify a smaller Drawing Scale for the view.

  • Use a larger layout Drawing Sheet.

  • Resize the layout view to fit within the Drawing Sheet

In Chief Architect, you can use the Rescale View edit button to specify a different scale for a selected view on the layout page. This tool is not available in Home Designer Pro.

To specify a smaller scale for a layout view

  1. Select the layout view that is too large to fit within the layout page and click the Rescale View edit button.

  2. In the Change Scale dialog:

    • If you would like the program to select a scale that fits the selected view on the page to the maximum extents possible, select No Scale.

      In X5 and prior: Full Page (no scale).

    • Otherwise, reduce the scale so that the view better fits on the page.

    • Unless you want the line weights and line styles in your view to be subject to scaling, make sure that Use Layout Line Scale is checked.

    • Click OK to close the dialog and apply your change.

  3. To find the scale that best suits your needs, you may need to experiment a bit.

If you absolutely need to print the view at a particular scale, but that scale does not allow the view to fit on the layout sheet at its current size, then you will need to use a larger layout sheet.

Bear in mind that if you change a layout file's drawing sheet size, you will also need to adjust the border and title block on Page 0. You may find it easier to simply create a new layout using a template with a larger drawing sheet.

To specify a larger layout drawing sheet

  1. Select File> Print> Drawing Sheet Setup from the menu.

  2. In the Drawing Sheet Setup dialog:

    • Select the desired Drawing Sheet size from the drop-down list.

    • Confirm that the Drawing Scale is one to one (1 in = 1 in or 1 mm = 1 mm).

    • Click OK to close the dialog and apply your changes.

  3. Go to Layout Page 0 and edit the layout's border and title block so that it fits the new drawing sheet size; for steps on how to do this, see the Related Articles section below.

If the layout view in question includes objects that you do not actually need to display, you can turn off the layers associated with those objects and then edit the layout view's box so that it is smaller.

To reduce the size of the layout box

  1. Examine the layout view and identify any objects that you do not need to show in the view.

    • For example, if the view in question is meant to show the kitchen in plan view, you probably do not need to show the terrain.

  2. Click on the layout view box to select it, then click the Layout Box Layers edit button. In the Layer Display Options dialog:

    • Notice the name of the Layer Set at the top of the dialog box. Bear in mind that any other views that use this Layer Set will be affected by changes made here.

    • Make sure that Modify All Layer Sets is unchecked.

    • Turn off the display of any unneeded layers by clicking to remove the checkmark in the Disp column.

    • Click OK.

  3. With the layout view box still selected, use its edit handles to resize it so that only the objects that you need are included.

  4. When you are done resizing the view, adjust its position on the layout page.