Resizing a Layout Title Block and Border in Home Designer Pro

Reference Number: KB-01829
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional


I have a layout that meets my needs, but would like to make a copy using a different page size.  I don't want to have to redraw the entire title block and border from scratch - is there an easier way?


You can quickly and easily resize a layout title block and border by selecting and resizing it.


To resize a title block and border

  1. Open the layout file that you would like to assign a different page size.

    • In this example, the default layout template profile.layout is used.

  2. Select File> Save As  from the menu and choose a location and a short, descriptive name for the new layout file.

  3. Select File> Print> Drawing Sheet Setup from the menu to open the Drawing Sheet Setup dialog for the current layout file.

    • Specify the desired Drawing Sheet Size and Orientation.

    • Make sure the Drawing Scale is 1 in. =1 in.

    • Do not modify the Line Weight Scale.

    • Click OK to close the dialog and apply your changes.

    • If you do not see a white rectangle surrounded by a grey background when you zoom out, select Tools> Display Settings> Show Sheet  from the menu.

      Note: For best results, make sure that the Printer Paper and Drawing Sheet have the same Size and Orientation.  This will result in one printed page per sheet, as noted under the preview diagram on the right side of the dialog. The Printer paper size and orientation is specified on the Print View dialog. Select File> Print> Print to view this dialog.

  4. With the Select Objects  arrow selected, click and drag a selection box around the title block area.

  5. At the top of the selected area is small, round resize handle, grab and drag this handle to scale the entire selection up or down in order to fit within the designated Drawing Sheet area.

    • If the rotate handle obscures the resize handle, zoom in or out until it becomes visible.

    • If you experience difficulty with the layout border snapping to the edge of the Drawing Sheet, hold the Ctrl or Command key on your keyboard to temporarily disable snapping while positioning.

  6. If necessary, use the move handle in the center to re-position the selection on the Drawing Sheet, or use File> Print> Center Sheet to ensure it centers properly on the Drawing Sheet.