Placing a Gate in a Deck Railing

Reference Number: KB-00513
Last Modified: October 22, 2021

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When I create a deck with stairs, I notice that an opening is present. How do I convert this to a gate?


A doorway can be converted to a gate by specifying it as a Hinged Door Type and changing the Door Style to a gate option using the library. 

Diamond gate leading from the main deck area to a lower porch off the back of the house


To place a door or gate in a railing

  1. From the menu, select Build> Railing and Deck> Straight Deck Railing Straight Deck Railing tool icon, and draw out the railings for the room.

  2. Using the Build> Stairs> Draw Stairs Draw Stairs tool icon tool, click right outside the railing where the stairs and gate should be.

    Note: Connecting the stairs to the deck will create a doorway, so if there are no stairs or there is no doorway or opening present in the deck railing, you can place one using one of the Door tools.

    Deck with stairs going down from the room creating a doorway in the railing

  3. Using the Select Objects  tool, select the door, then click on the Open Object  edit button to display the Door Specification dialog.

    Door specification dialog before changing the door to a gate

  4. On the General panel, use the Door Type drop-down menu to select the Hinged option.

  5. Click on the Library button next to the Door Type drop-down menu to open the Select Library Object dialog, browse and select your desired gate, then click OK.

    For the purposes of this example, we will use the "Diamond" gate found at Home Designer Core Catalogs> Architectural> Fences and Railings> Gates.

    Diamond gate in the Select Library Object dialog

  6. Specify your desired hinges and handles on the Hardware panel, and your desired materials for the gate on the Materials panel.

  7. Click OK to confirm all of the changes.