Editing the Fields in a Materials List

Reference Number: KB-00293
Last Modified: October 14, 2021

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I would like to edit certain cells, or fields, within the materials list I created. How can this be accomplished?


Once a materials list has been generated, it can be edited by double-clicking within a cell that you would like to modify.

To edit a materials list

  1. Select Tools> Materials List> Calculate From All Floors from the menu to create a materials list for your entire plan.

    Note: There are additional tools to create materials lists of more specific areas of your plan. If you want to learn more, see Video 2293: Materials Lists.

  2. Once the materials list generates, double-click on a cell to modify the term or value.

    Editing a cell in a materials list

  3. Repeat the process for any other cells that you would like to modify, then consider printing, exporting, or saving the materials list. To learn more, please see the Related Articles section below.