Printing, Exporting, and Saving Materials Lists

Reference Number: KB-00275
Last Modified: October 14, 2021

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Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or HomeDesigner Suite


How do I print, export, or save a materials list that I generated in my Home Designer program?


Home Designer Suite and Home Designer Architectural don't have the ability to save materials lists within a plan file for later use. For these program versions, consider printing or exporting the materials list after it has been generated using the Print and Export Materials List tools.

In addition to printing and exporting, Home Designer Pro can save and manage multiple materials lists associated with a plan. To learn more, please see this section below.

To print the materials list

  1. To create a material list, select Tools> Materials List> Calculate From All Floors .

    Note: There are additional tools to create materials lists of more specific areas of your plan. If you want to learn more, see Video 2293: Materials Lists.

  2. Make any desired modifications to the materials list.

  3. Next, select File> Print from the menu.

  4. In the Print Materials List dialog that opens, specify your desired printer settings, then click Print.

    You can also save the materials list as a PDF. In the Print Materials List dialog, use the Name drop-down menu to select the Chief Architect Save As PDF option, then click the Save As PDF button.

To export the materials list

  1. With a materials list open and active, select File> Export Materials List  .

  2. In the Write Materials Export File dialog that appears, specify a File name, a location to save it to, then click Save.

    Home Designer Pro also has the ability to export a Materials List to an .XML (Excel Spreadsheet) file type, as well as .HTML and .CSV.

To save and access a materials list in Home Designer Pro

  1. With a materials list open and active, navigate to Tools> Save Active Materials List .

  2. In the Save Materials List dialog that displays, provide a Materials List Name, then click Save.

    Save Materials List dialog

  3. To access a saved materials list at anytime, navigate to Tools> Materials List> Materials List Management from a floor plan view or navigate to Tools> Materials List Management if you're in an active materials list.

  4. In the Materials List Management dialog, click on the materials list that you would like to modify, then click the Edit button.

    Materials List Management dialog

  5. The selected materials list will open and can be edited, printed, or exported.