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Home Designer 2021 is now available! Whether you have a PC or Mac, a single license will run natively on either platform. Scroll down the page to learn more about the new features in Home Designer 2021.

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Home Designer 2021 New Features Summary

Detailed Features List (PDF)

Transitional kitchen and kitchen island with a waterfall countertop.
Exterior birds-eye house rendering with exposed framing and solar panels.
Kitchen wall elevation with dimensions.
House rendering with asymmetric garage doors and ramp access.
Varying width stairs with double stringers and split winders.

Auto Hide Exterior Walls for 3D Navigation

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Gamepad navigation support.

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Hide Camera-Facing Exterior Walls setting lets you view interior rooms while navigating a model's exterior. Great for visualizing small rooms.

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Print or export to PDF using any page size, from letter to full architectural sheets.

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Waterfall Edge options for Custom Countertops.

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Calculate Structural Materials for Deck tool generates a materials list for a selected Deck room.

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Split Landing options create multiple landing sections for L- and U-Shaped Stairs.

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Find in Library edit tool determines whether a selected object is in the Library and lets you add it if isn't.

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Display doors and windows in Framing Overviews.

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Cross Section views, exterior elevations, and interior Wall Elevations.

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Ramp tool creates customizable ramps with ADA compliant default settings.

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Enhanced controls for Stair Stringers.

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Improved Panel Frame Width settings for Panel and Glass Panel doors allow creation of asymmetric lites in garage and entry doors.

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Customizable Rail Width and Height on railings, stairs, and ramps.

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Stair sections with multiple tread widths can be connected.

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Find/Replace Text lets you search for and replace words or strings of text throughout a plan.

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Enhanced Height/Pitch settings provide greater control over the pivot point for individual roof planes.

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Components and Object Information settings for framing and trusses let you specify how objects are described and priced in the Materials List.

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Custom default moldings can be specified for different Room Types.

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