Message: The layer is locked.

Reference Number: KB-02923
Last Modified: July 20, 2021

The information in this article applies to:

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When placing an object, I receive the following message:

The layer is locked. Items cannot be created or modified on locked layers. Do you want to unlock the layer?

What does this mean?


Every item in Chief Architect is assigned a layer. For example, base cabinets are assigned to the 'Cabinets, Base' layer when placed. When a layer has been locked, it prevents objects on that layer from being selected. New objects cannot be drawn on a locked layer, either. If you lock a layer and then attempt to draw a new object on that layer, a message box will ask you to unlock the layer.

Layers with objects that you need to see as a reference while working, but not select, are good candidates for locking.

For example:

  • Locking the “Rooms” layer can make it easier to select objects located inside of rooms.
  • Locking the “Roof Planes” layer can make it easier to select objects located under the eaves.

To lock or unlock layers

  1. From the menu select Tools> Layer Settings> Display Options .

    In Home Designer Pro select Tools> Display Options .

  2. In the Layer Display Options dialog that displays, notice the Lock column that is present. If a padlock symbol appears in this column for a selected layer, the layer is locked. Click on the padlock symbol to unlock the layer.

    Note: You can also lock and unlock layers using the 'Lock' checkbox that displays under the Properties for Selected Layer section when a layer is selected or highlighted.

    Roofs, Gutters layer selected in the Layer Display Options

    Some layers that are locked by default include:

    • Roofs, Gutters
    • Roofs, Overhang Area
    • Roofs, Ridge Caps
    • Roofs, Trim

  3. Click OK to confirm your changes and close the dialog.

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