Message: The layer is locked.

Reference Number: KB-02923
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors

Home Designer Professional


When selecting an item I receive this message:

The layer is locked. Items cannot be createdor modified on locked layers. Do you want to unlock the layer?

What does this mean?


Every item in Chief Architect is assigned a layer. For example base cabinets are on the 'Cabinets, Base' layer. When a layer has been locked it prevents objects on that layer from being selected. New objects cannot be drawn on a locked layer, either. If you lock a layer and then attempt to draw a new object on that layer, a message box will ask you to unlock the layer.
Layers with objects that you need to see as a reference while working, but not select, are good candidates for locking. For example:

  • Locking the “Rooms” layer can make it easier to select objects located inside of rooms.

  • Locking the “Roof Planes” layer can make it easier to select objects located under the eaves.

To determine if a layer is locked

  1. From the menu select Tools> Layer Settings> Display Options.

    In Home Designer Pro select Tools> Display Options.

  2. In the Layer Display Options dialog, notice the Lock column.

  3. A lock symbol in the Lock column indicates which layers are locked, preventing objects on that layer from being selected.

    Layers that are locked by default include:

    • Roofs, Gutters

    • Roofs, Overhang Area

    • Roofs, Ridge Caps

    • Roofs, Trim