Creating a Layout in Home Designer Pro

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Last Modified: June 16, 2020

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Home Designer Professional


I am ready to create plan sheets for my design. How can I use the layout tool to accomplish this?


Home Designer Pro uses two file types: plans and layouts. In a plan file (.plan), we design a 2D and 3D model of a structure, and in a layout file (.layout) we arrange views of that model as well as text and other annotations to produce professional quality construction documents.

To start a new layout in Home Designer Pro

  1. Select File> New Layout to open a new, blank layout file.

  2. Select File> Print> Drawing Sheet Setup .

  3. In the Drawing Sheet Setup dialog that displays:

    Setting the layout paper size and drawing scale in drawing sheet setup

    • Set the Drawing Sheet Orientation and Size.

    • The Drawing Scale should be left at the default 1 in = 1 in for Imperial layouts, or 1 mm = 1 mm for Metric layouts.

    • The Line Weight Scale should remain unchanged at 1 = 1/100 mm.

    • Click OK to close the dialog and apply your changes.

  4. Select File> Save to save your file. 

To create a custom layout border and title block

A title block and border are created using CAD and Text objects. You can modify the existing title block and border or delete it and redraw it yourself. You can also include images, such as a company logo. To learn more about creating layout borders and title blocks, see the Layout Tutorial in the program's Help, as well as in the User's Guide, available by accessing the program's Help menu.

Once you have your layout file, border, and title block configured, be sure to Save your work. You are now ready to send views from your plan over to the layout.

To send views to the layout

  1. Select File> Save As and save the layout file in the same location as your plan that you create construction documents for. Give the layout file a short, descriptive name that describes its contents - for example, "Jones Remodel Page 1.layout".

  2. If you do not already have your plan file open, Open  it now.

  3. Open the view you want to send to the layout, such as a plan view, Cross Section/Elevation view, or a Perspective Camera, then select File> Send to Layout .

  4. In the Send to Layout dialog, make sure that Show Layout Page is checked and that the Send Options and Scaling Options meet your needs, then click OK to send the view to the layout page.

    Sent to Layout dialog

    For more information about these various settings, click the Help button at the bottom of the dialog.

  5. Once a view has been sent to layout, it can be selected and repositioned as needed. The extents of a layout view can also be cropped by moving the edges of the view box using its edit handles.

  6. If the view is too large to fit the information that you want to show on the layout page, Delete the view and send it to layout again at a smaller scale.

  7. Multiple views can be sent to a single layout page. If you would like to send additional views and there is space to do so:

    • Click on the tab for the plan view window or select the plan view from the bottom of the Window menu to return to that view.

    • Create a new view to send to layout, then repeat steps 3 - 5, above.

  8. Add any text, CAD or imported images that you desire.

    Layout page with multiple views on the sheet

  9. Save your work, and when you are finished, select File> Close View to close the current layout file.

A plan set composed of multiple layout pages can be created by sending views to multiple layout files.

To create a plan set

  1. Select File> Open Layout and open the layout created above.

  2. Select File> Save As and save this layout file in the same folder as its associated plan, and with a short descriptive name like "Jones Remodel Page 1.layout".

  3. Follow the steps above to send one or more views to this layout sheet and add text and other information as needed.

    Note: Layout files in Home Designer Pro are limited to a single page. Multi-page layouts are, however, are a feature in our Chief Architect Premier software. For information about upgrading, please see the Upgrades and Rebates page.

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