Message: The e-mail address or password you entered was incorrect.

Reference Number: KB-01098
Last Modified: April 21, 2017

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite or Home Designer Interiors


When I try to log in to my website account, I receive the following warning message:

"Notice! The e-mail address or password you entered was incorrect. Passwords are case-sensitive."

What am I doing wrong?


 As the text of this message implies, either the e-mail address, or password, that you have entered is incorrect.

To resolve

  1. First, on the My Account login page, double check to ensure that you have not accidentally mistyped the e-mail address or password and try to log in again.

  2. If your web browser is automatically "remembering" your password, or already has this field filled in with bullets, do not assume that it is the correct password. Instead, manually type in the e-mail address and password.

  3. Third, passwords are case-sensitive. This means that if your password has lowercase or UPPERCASE letters, they must be entered in the appropriate case to be able to log in successfully.

    If you have a password made up of lower case letters, check to ensure that you have not accidentally enabled the Caps Lock on your keyboard. If so, press the key to turn it off, and reenter your password.

  4. If you are not certain that you accurately recall your password, click on the Lost your password link beneath where you enter your user name and password.

    • The Reset your password page prompts you: "Please enter the e-mail address you use to sign in to your account."

    • Enter in your e-mail address, then click Reset.

      If an account exists for this e-mail address, a temporary password will be e-mailed.

    • Check your e-mail for the message entitled "Chief Architect Online Account Password " 
      from that contains your temporary password.

      If you do not receive this message, please remember to check your Junk or Bulk mail folders. Depending on your e-mail settings, it may have been filtered out as from an unrecognized e-mail address.

      Adding to your Address Book typically will ensure that future e-mails from this address will be properly delivered to your Inbox.

    • Once you have received your e-mail, return to the login screen of the Chief Architect website, and use your e-mail address and new temporary password to log in.

      Please note that this temporary password will expire in 24 hours.

      If you know your primary password, you may continue to use it and disregard this e-mail; however, if you log in with this temporary password, it will be set as your primary, and your former password will no longer work.

      After logging in using a temporary password, we recommend that you change your password to one which you will remember in the future.

    • When you enter the temporary password, your web browser may prompt you that the information that you are entering does not match what it has recorded, or ask if you would like the web browser to remember the password. Until you change you password to a permanent one that you will remember in the future, we would recommend choosing against remembering the password at this time. 

      • In Internet Explorer, the following dialog displays:

        The password you entered does not match the password stored in Windows for this user name. Do you want to change the password stored in Windows to your new entry?

      • In Mozilla Firefox, this is located near the top of where the web-page displays:


    • Once you are logged in under the website, in your Account settings, you can click the Change Your Password link to enter in the temporary password, and your new permanent password that you can use for logging into the website in the future.