Rotating the Direction of a Material

Reference Number: KB-00863
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite or Home Designer Interiors or Home Designer Essentials or Home Designer Landscape & Deck


I have found a material that I like and want applied to my floors or elsewhere in my design, but I want it facing in a different direction from one object, or room, to another.  How can I accomplish this?


It's easy to make copies of materials in Home Designer to change elements such as their orientation, scale and even color.

To copy the material

  1. Select View> Library Browser  to display it and locate the material that you want to copy.  

    In Home Designer 2014 and earlier versions, select Library> Library Browser.

  2. Right click on the material and choose Copy


  3. In the Library Browser, navigate to the User Catalog folder, right click, and select Paste


    For the purposes of this example, the User Catalog already has several folders, including a Materials folder.

Now that you have made a copy of the material, you can change its attributes.


To modify the material

  1. Right click on the copied material and select Open  to display the Define Material dialog.

  2. Rename this material as My Dark FP Plank 90 to indicate that it is rotated 90 degrees from the original material that it was copied from.

  3. Under Rotate Angle, type in 90 and click OK to apply these changes to the material.

    In Home Designer Pro, select the Texture panel to rotate the Angle for the display of materials in Perspective Camera views, since the Pattern panel will only affect Orthographic or views using the Vector rendering technique.

    To learn more about the other options available in the Define Material dialog such as Scale and Transparency, with it displayed on your screen, click on the Help button to launch the Home Designer's context sensitive help.

Now that the material has been modified, you are ready to apply it to a surface, such as the Floor in a room.


To apply the newly modified material to the Floor

  1. Now, in plan view, use the Select Objects  tool to click inside of the room in which you want to change the flooring to the newly created material to select it. 

    If there is not an actual wall where you want to change the flooring, use a Room Divider, or wall specified as Invisible, to separate out the area in which you want the floor to be the rotated material.

  2. Click on the Open Object  edit tool to display the Room Specification dialog and go to the Materials panel.

    In Home Designer Pro, the Floor Finish material can be set on the Structure panel.

  3. Select Floor Finish and click on the Select Material button.

  4. This displays the Select Library Object dialog, where you can select the modified material, and OK to apply it.

  5. Click OK once more in the Room Specification dialog to set the change to the flooring material and close it.


Now that you understand the basic process for modifying the orientation of materials, you can take this information and apply it to your own designs including other materials, such as tiles.