Displaying 2D and 3D Views in the Library Browser

Reference Number: KB-00723
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional, Architectural, Suite, Interiors, Essentials, and Landscape & Deck covers


The 2D View and the 3D View in the Library Browser of my program are missing. How do I get them back?


Both the 2D View and 3D View within the Library Browser can be made visible or invisible.  Also, the Library Browser can be repositioned and restored back to its default.

To see the 2D Selection Panel and 3D Preview Panel

Click on the Show/Hide Selection Panel and Show/Hide Preview Panel tools located at the bottom of the Library Browser.

If you still cannot see the preview and selection panes, it may be that you have resized the browser so that they are no longer on the screen.  If you cannot quickly resize the dialog to correct this, it is easy to restore it back to its default following the instructions below.

To reset the Library Browser's size and position

  1. In Home Designer 2014 and newer navigate to Edit> Preferences .

    In Mac versions of Home Designer 2015 and newer, Preferences are accessed under the program name's menu.

  2. Select the Reset Options panel, then click on the Reset Side Windows button.

    In Home Designer 2014, this setting in Preferences was located in the Library Browser panel under Restore Position/Size Defaults.

  3. A dialog displays with the message:

    "All side windows will be reset to the default size and position when you re-launch the program"

  4. Click OK on that message to close it, and then click OK on the Preferences dialog.

  5. Exit out of Home Designer and re-launch the program in order to restore the Library Browser's size and position.