Restoring Default Materials on Items Painted with the Material Painter

Reference Number: KB-00556
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite or Home Designer Interiors or Home Designer Essentials


I used the Material Painter to paint different colors and textures on the walls of my structure, and now I can't restore them back to the default materials. How do I reset the colors and textures to default?


There are several ways to select the materials that display on walls. It is very helpful to understand that some of these ways override others in a predictable way.

  • When a new wall is drawn in a plan, the materials that display on its surfaces are determined by the type of wall being drawn.

  • Wall materials can be changed on a room-by-room basis. When wall materials are changed in a particular room, the default material specified for the wall type is overridden in that room only.

    • Wall materials for a room can be selected on the Materials tab of the Room Specification dialog or using the Material Painter in a 3D view of the room. This applies to both interior and exterior wall surfaces, because the program creates an exterior room around each floor of your plan specifically for the purpose of applying wall materials.

    • The wall materials of an individual room can also be overridden on a wall-by-wall basis on the Materials tab of the Wall Specification dialog.

      If you want the wall to display the default material as specified for the wall type, and that material is being overridden by a room wall material, select the actual material rather than the default, because the default will continue to be overridden.

      If you want to create a pony wall, it's important that the default Wall Type materials not be overridden by either room or individual wall specifications.


To reset walls to their default materials 

  1. Using the Select Objects  tool, click in an empty space in a room in which you wish to restore the default surface material to select that room.

  2. Click the Open Object  edit button, and on the Materials panel of the Room Specification dialog, click to select Walls from the list of room components, then click the Library Material button.

  3. In the Select Library Objects dialog, place a check in the Use default material check box in the lower left, then click OK.

  4. Click OK to close the Room Specification dialog.

  5. If this does not restore all walls in the selected room to their default materials:

    • Make sure that the problem walls are actually in the selected room, rather than in a separate room defined by invisible walls or railings.

    • Open each of the problem walls' Wall Specification dialog and follow steps 3 through 5 to restore the wall materials to their default.


These same steps can be used to restore exterior materials to their defaults. Select the exterior room around each floor of your plan by clicking just outside of an exterior wall using the Select Objects  tool, then follow the steps above.

To reset the default materials of exterior walls

Like interior walls and rooms, exterior walls will display the materials defined for that wall type, but these materials can be overridden by using the material painter in an exterior camera view. Similarly to how interior rooms' material definition will override the individual wall materials, there is an exterior room that is generated around the perimeter of each floor for this very purpose; the exterior room displays as a highlighted area around the entire exterior of the plan and controls what material will be displayed on the exterior of the structure, it is this layer that takes on new materials when painted using the Material Painter.

Resetting the default material of the exterior room is the same as the steps outlined above for interior rooms, however the exterior room can sometimes be difficult to select in order to open. Clicking just outside of an exterior wall should select the exterior room, however the exterior room is displayed in a set number of pixels, so rather than scaling larger when you zoom in, it appears to get smaller, and the distance from the exterior wall that you must click within is not relative to your zoom distance in plan view.