Controlling the Information that's Displayed in a Materials List

Reference Number: KB-00511
Last Modified: October 14, 2021

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite


When I create a materials list, a complete list of all the materials and objects in my plan file is created. How do I control what information displays in this list, such as the columns and categories?


You can use the Materials List Specification dialog to control what information is included in a materials list once one has been generated.

In addition to the Materials List Specification, Home Designer Pro has the ability to setup Materials List Preferences that can apply to all material lists created going forward.

To use the Materials List Specification dialog

  1. Open  a Home Designer plan in which you would like to access the Material List Specification dialog.

  2. Select Tools> Materials List> Calculate Materials for All Floors  from the menu to generate a materials list for the entire plan.

    Note: There are additional tools to create materials lists of more specific areas of your plan. If you want to learn more, see Video 2293: Materials Lists.

  3. In the materials list window, select Tools> Materials List Specification .

    In Home Designer 2021 and prior versions, navigate to Tools> Materials List Display Options instead.

  4. On the Categories panel of the Materials List Specification dialog that opens, check the box beside each category that you would like to display. Click the Select All button to check all of the categories or use the Clear All button to uncheck all of the categories.

    Categories panel in the Materials List Specification

  5. On the Columns panel, check the box beside each column name that you wish to use. Click the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change the columns' order.

    This panel is not available in Home Designer Suite 2021, Home Designer Architectural 2021, and prior versions.

    Columns panel in the Materials List Specification

  6. In Home Designer Pro, an Options panel is also available, where additional options can be specified for the materials list. To learn more about these options, click on the Help button at the bottom of the dialog.

    Options panel fo the Materials List Specification

    For more information on Structural Member Reporting, please see the "Creating a Framing Cut/Buy List" resource in the Related Articles Section below.

To setup the Materials List Preferences in Home Designer Pro

  1. In Home Designer Pro, navigate to Edit> Preferences  from the menu if you're on a Windows PC or Home Designer> Preferences if you're on a Mac.

  2. In the Preferences dialog that opens, select the Materials List panel to adjust the categories that are included when material lists are generated in your plans.

    This is similar to the Categories panel mentioned in the Materials List Specification dialog.

    Materials List panel in Preferences

  3. On the Report Style panel, you can choose which columns to include when material lists are generated.

    This is similar to the Columns panel mentioned in the Materials List Specification dialog.

    Report Style panel in Preferences

  4. You can also adjust other properties on the Report Style panel, such as the Grid, Color, and Text settings.

  5. Once all desired changes have been made, click OK.
    Any new material lists that are generated in Home Designer Pro will now take on the properties specified in the Preferences.