Creating a Blind Corner Cabinet

Reference Number: KB-00408
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

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How do I create a blind cabinet?


Often, when two cabinets meet in a corner, one is partially hidden by the other. This partially hidden cabinet is called a "blind" cabinet.

To create a blind corner cabinet

  1. Select Build> Cabinet> Base Cabinet from the menu, click in the plan to place a cabinet. Click again to place the second cabinet that makes up the blind corner. 

  2. Move the cabinets together in the desired configuration for the blind corner.

  3. Home Designer will automatically resize and offset the front items of the partially hidden cabinet so that they are not located in the hidden portion of the cabinet face.

    Note: If the cabinet doors are not showing correct for the blind corner it is possible the cabinets may not have snapped together properly. Simply pull them apart and push them together again to re-engage the automatic blind corner feature.

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