Placing Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

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Last Modified: October 26, 2021

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How do I add a chandelier, ceiling fan, or other electrical objects to my plans?

Daytona dining room with a chandelier


In addition to the light fixtures, outlets, and switches that you can place in your designs using the Electrical Tools, the Library Browser has a selection of additional objects, from chandeliers to ceiling fans to smoke detectors.

To add light fixtures or ceiling fans

  1. If the Library Browser is not already open, navigate to View> Library Browser .

  2. With the Library Browser side window open and active, use the Search bar at the top to search for a specific term, or use the library tree to navigate to a specific category.

    Lighting folder selected in the Library Browser

    • An assortment of light fixtures can be located in Home Designer Core Catalogs> Architectural> Lighting, as shown in the image above.

    • Ceiling fans can be located in Home Designer Core Catalogs> Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Ceiling Fans.

    • Detectors, alarms, jacks, outlets, switches, and other miscellaneous electrical symbols can be located in Home Designer Core Catalogs> Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing> Electrical.

    Additional catalogs that contain electrical objects can be found in the "Lighting" and "Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing" categories located within the 3D Library. To learn more about obtaining bonus catalogs, please see the "Downloading Library Catalogs" resource in the Related Articles section below.

  3. Once an electrical object is selected, the Electrical Symbol icon will follow your cursor. Click in the plan at the desired location to place it.

    Chandelier being placed in the plan

Note: Home Designer Pro has the ability to specify Electrical Defaults, allowing you to assign specific electrical symbols from the library to the Light, Outlet, and Switch tools.

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