Toggling Shadows in Camera Views

Reference Number: KB-00230
Last Modified: August 20, 2021

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I would like to toggle the shadows on or off in my camera views. Is this possible?

Living room with sliding glass doors leading to a deck


Shadows can be toggled on and off for each individual camera view by accessing the Specification dialog for the view or by selecting the Toggle Shadows tool. Additionally, shadows can be controlled for each camera tool by accessing the default settings.

To toggle shadows for an individual camera view

  1. Create a Camera  view of your structure.

  2. With the view open and active, navigate to 3D> Edit Active Camera .

  3. In the Specification dialog that displays, check or uncheck the Show Shadows box, then click OK.

    Check or uncheck the Show Shadows box located on the Camera panel of the Specification dialog

    You can also navigate to 3D> Camera View Options> Toggle Shadows  to toggle the shadows on and off in a camera view.

    Note: Ray Casted Sun Shadows create higher quality shadows cast by sunlight. These may take longer to generate within the view and will only update when the camera is not moving. 

  4. The view will update based upon the change that you made.

To toggle shadows in the default settings

  1. Navigate to Edit> Default Settings .

  2. In the Default Settings dialog that opens, expand Camera Tools, click on one or more of the Camera options listed, then click Edit.

    Perspective Full Overview tool is selected in the Default Settings

  3. In the Defaults dialog that displays next, check or uncheck the Show Shadows box, then click OK and Done.

  4. Now, any newly created camera views that are associated with the Camera tool that you changed will have the shadows setting that you specified.

In Home Designer Architectural and Home Designer Pro, the Shadow Intensity can also be adjusted for Vector Views. To adjust the Shadow Intensity, navigate to 3D> Rendering Techniques> Technique Options while in a Vector View.