Removing the Roof Pitch Indicators from Perimeter Walls

Reference Number: KB-00218
Last Modified: October 14, 2021

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In my floor plan, I see either the roof pitch above or the phrase "(VERT)-G" centered on each exterior wall. Why is this?  

Floor plan image with (VERT)-G and pitch values



Roof information may display along the perimeter walls of a plan if Roof Baseline Polylines have been created.

Make Roof Baseline Polylines can be created from the Build Roof dialog

Roof Baseline Polylines display either the pitch of the roof plane bearing on each exterior wall or "(VERT)-G" when the wall has a gable above.

Typically, the program builds an automatic roof based on the settings in the Build Roof dialog and on the Roof panel of the Wall Specification dialog, along with the layout of the exterior walls and floor and ceiling heights. However, if you want to build a roof that diverges from the footprint of your building as well as the roof directives in the exterior walls, you can use Roof Baseline Polylines as these also have roof directives associated with them, which determine how the roof is generated when built automatically.

Once created, a Roof Baseline Polyline can be edited in a variety of ways, then used as the basis for the roof the next time it is built automatically.

Roof Baseline Polylines are placed on the "Roofs, Baseline Polylines" layer by default and will display in floor plan view only.

Roof direction information displays along each edge of the polyline, including:

  • The pitch along that edge

  • V - vertical (against wall)

  • G - gable/shed

  • K - knee wall

  • L - lower (extend slope downward)

To delete Roof Baseline Polylines

  1. Within the plan, select Edit> Delete Objects from the menu to display the Delete Objects dialog.

  2. Under the Delete Scope section, move the radio button to All Floors.

  3. Place a check next to Roof Baseline Polylines, then click the Delete button to remove them from the plan.

    Delete Objects dialog