Hiding or Modifying Roof Baselines

Reference Number: KB-00544
Last Modified: September 27, 2021

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I see perpendicular lines on certain edges of my roof planes. What are these lines, and how do I hide them?


What you may be seeing on your roof planes are roof baseline indicators. A roof baseline is the uppermost portion of a roof plane directly above the main layer of a wall. A roof section's baseline is the line in 3D space around which the roof section pivots as you alter the roof section's pitch. The baseline may also be drawn over a CAD line or at the corner or edge of an existing roof section.

If, for example, you were looking at a truss or rafter, the baseline would be on the top of the rafter or truss. The baseline would be located at the point where the truss or rafter sits directly above the main layer of the wall the roof plane is resting on.

To show or hide roof baselines

  1. From the menu, select Tools> Display Options .

  2. In the Layer Display Options dialog, locate the Roofs, Baselines layer, select it, then either uncheck the Display checkbox or remove the check from the Disp column to hide the baselines.

    Turning off the display of Roof Baseline Polylines layer in Display Options

    Alternatively, you can change the Color, Line Weight, and Line Style of this layer to more easily distinguish your roof baselines from other architectural objects and CAD lines in your drawing.

  3. Click OK to confirm the change.

Modifying roof baselines

  1. Using Select Objects Select Objects tool icon, click on the roof baseline indicator along the main layer of the wall. If the roof plane becomes selected instead of the baseline, press Tab key or the Select Next Object Select Next Object tool icon edit tool.

    In this example, the baseline located on the right vertical wall is selected. The color of the Roof, Baselines layer has also been changed to orange to easily see the baselines associated with each of the four roof planes.

    The roof baseline selected in plan view

  2. Use the edit handles to change the location of the roof baseline or direction of the pitch.

    In this example, the right baseline was moved away from the structure.

    The roof baseline on the right side has been moved out a few inches.

    Note: If you manually adjust a roof plane's baseline and Auto Rebuild Roofs is enabled, you may be prompted to disable Auto Rebuild Roofs to continue with the operation.