Creating a Corner Cabinet

Reference Number: KB-00124
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

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How do I create an "L" shaped or corner cabinet in the corner of a room?


Base, wall and full height cabinets can be created as L-shaped or corner cabinets. Soffits can also be created as corner soffits to match the shape of corner wall cabinets.

To create a corner cabinet

  1. Select Build> Cabinet> Base Cabinet from the menu and choose the desired type of cabinet.

    • Base, wall, and full height cabinets are available.

    • Once you choose a cabinet tool and move your cursor into the drawing area, it will appear display the cabinet icon next to it indicating that a cabinet is ready to be placed.

  2. Position the cross hair in a corner of the room. Make sure that the cross hair cursor is very close to the inside corner of the room - within a few plan inches of both walls.

  3. Click the mouse button once to place a corner cabinet where the two walls meet.

    Note: A regular cabinet may display if the cross hair is not close enough to the corner walls when the cabinet was created. If a regular cabinet is generated, select Edit> Undo from the menu and try again from step 2.

  4. If you do not want the lazy susan style corner cabinet, you can modify this to create an L-shaped corner cabinet. Use the Select Objects tool to select the newly placed cabinet, and click on the Open Object edit button to display the Base Cabinet Specification dialog.

  5. In the Base Cabinet Specification dialog, select the General panel, uncheck Diagonal Door, and click OK.