Creating a Stone Stair

Reference Number: KB-02984
Last Modified: November 30, 2022

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How do I create a stone stair in terrain?

Rendering of a stone stair path


To create a stone stair you simply need to slope the terrain and then add stepping stones.

To slope the terrain

  1. First click Terrain> Create Terrain Perimeter  if a terrain perimeter is not already present.

    Note: Only one terrain perimeter can exist in a plan. If the Create Terrain Perimeter tool is grayed out it means you already have a terrain perimeter generated.

  2. Next, click Terrain> Elevation Data> Elevation Region  then click and drag rectangular regions for the flat areas of the terrain.

    For this example two elevation regions are created. The distance between these regions will govern the slope.

    Creating elevation regions for stone stairs

  3. Using the Select Objects  tool click on one of the elevation regions and then click Open Object  to display its specification dialog.

  4. In the Flat Region Specification set the Elevation for that region.

    In this example, the lower region is selected and the elevation is set to -36". The upper region will remain at an elevation of 0".

    Elevation region spec for changing elevation to -36

  5. Next click Terrain> Build Terrain . Contour lines should appear indicating the slope.

    Terrain with contour lines to create stone stairs

    The closer the regions are the steeper the slope. If your slope is too steep simply move the elevation regions further apart. For this example the regions are about 5' apart. Elevation Regions should never overlap.

To add stepping stones

  1. In the Library Browser  browse to Home Designer Core Catalogs> Exteriors> Landscaping> Rocks & Stones> Stepping Stones and choose a stepping stone for the stair.

    In this example, the Irregular stepping stone is used.

  2. After selecting a stepping stone, click in plan to place the stone.

  3. With the Select Objects  tool select the stepping stone in plan and then click Open Object .

  4. In the Fixture Specification set the Height, Width, and Depth for the stone, then click OK.

    In this example, the Width is set to 36", the Height is set to 6", and the Depth is set to 18". Depending on the number of steps desired and the angle of the slope, these values may need to be modified.

    Stepping stone spec to change height width and depth

  5. With the stone still selected click the Copy/Paste  tool then click the Sticky Mode  tool.

  6. Click in plan for each step necessary then click the Select Objects  tool to get out of Sticky Mode.

  7. Still using the Select Objects tool, click on the stepping stones and move them into place using the Move  edit handle in the center.

    The stones will automatically follow the slope of the terrain.

    Plan view of stones

    To overlap the stones, hold down the Ctrl or Command key while you are moving it to disable the bumping/pushing snap setting.