Message: Update View to Layout

Reference Number: KB-02713
Last Modified: August 3, 2017

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors

Home Designer Professional


Sometimes, when I close a cross section or elevation view, a message will ask whether I want the view to be updated on the layout page.

"This view was previously sent to the layout. Would you like the layout view to be updated to reflect your changes?  Note that if you update the layout view, any work done to it using the Edit Layout tool will have to be redone."

Why is this occurring?


Cross Section/Elevation , Backclipped Cross Section , and Wall Elevation  views sent to layout are semi-dynamic.  This means that:

  • Any 2D CAD, Text, or Dimensions that you draw in the view are immediately shown in the layout view.

  • Any changes to the 3D model are NOT shown in the layout view until you tell the program to update the view.

Any time you close one of these types of views, and the view in question has been previously sent to layout, the Update View to Layout message box will display, allowing you to choose whether to update the layout view or not.

  • If you would like the view on the layout page to be updated to show changes to the 3D model, click Yes.  The advantage to choosing Yes is that the layout view will show the current state of the model.
  • The disadvantage is that if you modified the layout view using the Edit Layout tool, your changes will be lost.  If you would like the view on the layout page to remain as it is, click No
  • The advantage of choosing No is that any work you may have done using the Edit Layout  tool will be saved.  The disadvantage is that the layout view may not show the 3D model in its current state.