Message: A newer version of this program is now available.

Reference Number: KB-01231
Last Modified: July 23, 2021

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Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or HomeDesigner Suite


Whenever I launch the program, a message appears that says,

"A newer version of this program is now available. Would you like to learn more about upgrading?" 

What does this mean?


This message will appear if a newer version of your software title has been released. 

Click Yes to visit our web site for information about upgrading, or click No to launch the program.

If you're interested in obtaining the new version, you may be able to upgrade your software license and receive a rebate. To see what rebates you qualify for, see our 
Software Discounts page at:

For information about the latest program versions, visit:

If you have any questions about your upgrade options, please feel free to contact our
Sales team at: