Creating a Countertop Surface for a Laundry Room

Reference Number: KB-01077
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite or Home Designer Interiors or Home Designer Essentials


I would like to create a laundry room in my Chief Architect Home Designer program.  Do you have any suggestions?


Creating a laundry room in Home Designer is easy to accomplish using a combination of items from the Library Browser, and the tools in the program, such as cabinets. When creating a laundry room, you may need to have a countertop area for folding, sorting, or ironing items over your washer and dryer surface.  In this article, we will explain how to create a countertop over this area that does not have a cabinet below it.


To create a stand alone countertop with a backsplash over an area

  1. Select Build> Cabinet> Base Cabinet  and then click in plan at the appropriate location. 

    Once we have placed a cabinet in the plan, we are ready to make modifications to it.

  2. First, we will use the Select Objects  tool to select the cabinet and use its edit handles to increase its width.

    For the purposes of this example, we increased the Base Cabinet's width to 5'9".

  3. Next, with the Base Cabinet still selected, click on the Open Object  edit button to display the Base Cabinet Specification dialog. 


  4. on the preview image, click on the toe kick, and click the Delete button.

  5. On the General panel, we will make the following modifications to the existing values. 


    Set the Height (Including Counter) to 1 1/2"

    Set the Depth to 33 3/4"

    Set the Floor to Bottom value to 39 1/2"

  6. Next, go to the Materials panel and set the appropriate material for your Countertop and Backsplash, then click OK to apply these changes.

  7. Take a 3D Camera  view to see the results of this change.

Now that you have a countertop at the height you want, you can place objects below, and on top of this surface.

Home Designer Architectural and Home Designer Pro both have the Custom Countertop tool which allows you to quickly create and modify a custom countertop into various sizes or shapes that may be desired, without having to first place and modify a cabinet.

You can also use a similar procedure to create custom cabinet combinations, such as the sewing desk in the image at the beginning of this article, where the center cabinet does not extend all of the way down to the floor.