Printing on a Standard Letter-Sized Sheet of Paper

Reference Number: KB-01017
Last Modified: July 21, 2021

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or HomeDesigner Suite


I'm not concerned with the scale of my design when printed, but would like to print my entire plan onto a standard 8 1/2" x 11" ANSI A letter sized piece of paper. How can I accomplish this in Home Designer?


Using the Current View and Fit to Paper options, you can print your plan on letter sized paper.

To print a plan out on a standard sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" letter sized piece of paper

  1. First, launch Home Designer and choose File> Open Plan to open the plan that you would like to print.

  2. From the menu, select File> Print> Drawing Sheet Setup 

  3. In the Drawing Sheet Setup dialog that displays, under Size, select the ANSI A (8 1/2" x 11") or Letter sized option from the drop down menu. 

    Drawing Sheet Setup dialog with ANSI A (8 ½” x 11”) selected for the Size

  4. Set the Drawing Sheet Orientation to either Portrait, or Landscape, adjust the Drawing Margins if needed as are appropriate for your printer's printable area, and click OK.

    We do not need to worry about setting the scale, as we are not concerned with this when only wanting to fit the design on a single page.

  5. From the menu, select File> Print> Print  .

  6. In the Print View dialog, under the Drawing Scale option, select Fit to Paper.

    This option prints the plan on one page. The program will use whatever scale is necessary to fit the plan on one page. 

    Print View dialog with Fit to Paper option selected

  7. Click Print to print.

    Keep in mind that printing to a full size sheet of paper will include any objects that may be located outside of the structure you created, such as the Terrain Perimeter, terrain objects, plants, outdoor furniture, etc.

You may also find it helpful to select File> Print> Print Preview , prior to printing, to verify that what will be printed out is what you want to see.

Print Preview provides an on-screen representation of how the current view will appear when printed.

Objects, such as camera symbols, that do not print will not display in Print Preview, however, text and dimension objects appear on-screen as they will on the printed page.