Modifying Cabinets to Create a Wine Cellar

Reference Number: KB-00993
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

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I would like to model a wine cellar. How can I do that?


Creating a wine cellar is easy using the Cabinet tools in Home Designer.


To create a wine rack cabinet

  1. Select Build> Cabinet> Full Height  and click in your plan to place this object.

  2. Use the Select Objects tool to select the cabinet, and click on the Open Object  edit tool to display the Full Height Cabinet Specification dialog. 

  3. On the General panel, specify the cabinet's Height, Width, and Depth. For the purposes of this example, we will set the Height to 56" and leave both the Width and Depth set to 24".

  4. Select the Door/Drawer panel, then click on the Library button next to Door Style to display the Select Library Object dialog.

    • Browse to Cabinet Doors, Drawers, & Panels> Specialty Storage> Wine Rack w/ Bottles and click OK.

    • Change the Door Handle Style to None. 

  5. Next, in the preview of the cabinet that displays on the right of the dialog, click on the top section which happens to be an Auto Right Door.

    • Use the drop-down menu to change the Item Type to a Drawer, and set its Item Height to 6".

  6. Next, select the bottom section in the cabinet preview, change the Item Type to a Door Panel, uncheck Include Shelves, and set its Item Height to 6". 

  7. Click on the blank area that is now left in the cabinet preview and repeat Step #8. Simply repeat this process until the entire cabinet is filled with several rows of Wine Rack w/ Bottles that are 6" in height.  

  8. Go to the Materials panel and specify the appropriate materials for the various aspects of the cabinet, including the wine bottles and their labels.

  9. Once you have finished making changes in this dialog, click OK and take a Camera  view to see the results.

    Depending on your software version, you can select the cabinet and choose the Add to Library  edit tool if you would like to be able to reuse this cabinet in other plans, or use the Copy  and Paste  edit tools to create duplicates of this cabinet in your existing plan.