Message: Errors were found in parsing input

Reference Number: KB-00972
Last Modified: July 20, 2021

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When I try to type a value into a field in a dialog box, this message displays:

"Errors were found in parsing input."

What does it mean?


This warning message will display if you type characters into a field where they have no meaning. Typically, this occurs if you type letters into a field that requires numerals.

To avoid this issue, use the existing characters already present in the text field as a guide to determine what kind of characters are allowable.

When numbers alone are typed in fields for length, width, height, or depth, they are interpreted as inches in Imperial plans and millimeters in Metric plans.

If you wish to use a different unit of measurement, most text fields in the program will allow you to do so provided that the character indicating the unit follow the numeric value.

You can, if you wish, enter a value in feet and inches using characters to indicate both units of measurement, as long as it follows the proper format.  For example, Two Feet Four Inches would be entered: