Message: Deleting this saved camera will delete the view it represents

Reference Number: KB-00823
Last Modified: July 20, 2021

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I am getting the following message about deleting a saved camera. What does this mean?

"Deleting this saved camera will delete the view it represents along with any text, dimensions, or CAD objects you have created in that view. Do yo want to delete this camera?"


If you have a saved camera in your plan, you can select and then edit or delete it. If the camera view is a cross section/elevation view that has been sent to layout and you choose to delete it, however, the link between the layout and plan will be broken. The view will remain visible on the layout page but it will no longer update as changes are made to the plan and any CAD objects you drew in the view will no longer be present.

There are several ways to respond to this warning message:

  • If you know that you have not sent a selected view to layout and simply want to delete the camera, you may do so at any time.

  • If the view has been sent to layout but you do not need it to be dynamic (able to update when changes are made to the plan) or to retain any CAD objects in the view, you may choose to delete it.

  • If you wish to maintain the link between a saved camera view and a layout file but do not want the camera symbol to show on the plan, you can turn off the display of cameras by turning off the "Cameras" layer in the Layer Display Options dialog.

If you always want the program to either delete or not delete a selected camera and never warn you again, you can check the Remember my choice during this session checkbox at the bottom left corner of the warning message and then click either the Yes or No button. If you select a camera and delete it after checking Remember my choice during this session, the program will either delete it or not delete it based on your answer and will no longer prompt you with this dialog during this session.