Message: This object overlaps or crosses itself.

Reference Number: KB-00819
Last Modified: July 19, 2021

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I am getting the following error in my plan and I don't understand what it means.

This 'OBJECT' overlaps or crosses itself. It may not look correct in 3D. Filled objects may also draw incorrectly in 2D.


This is a result of a CAD-based closed polyline such as a slab, custom countertop or polyline solid overlapping itself. To solve this issue, find the object that is overlapping itself and correct the problem.  

Overlapping lines can be hard to find, so try turning off layers to simplify what you see on-screen and look closely at the edges and corners of closed CAD-based objects.

You can also try turning off layers to isolate the problem object. If you turn a layer off and the error stops displaying, then look for objects on that layer.

Keep in mind that if this error displays when you create a 3D view, the problem could be on any floor. Try creating a Doll House View or Perspective Floor Overview  on each floor to determine which floor the item is on.