Message: A surface is using a texture that cannot be found.

Reference Number: KB-00803
Last Modified: May 12, 2023

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I am receiving the following error message:  

"A graphic file cannot be found. This missing graphic could be used as a texture, image, backdrop or picture.
File name C:\...\texture-name.png

Do you want to choose a replacement file or choose a new folder to search in?"

What does this mean and what can be done to solve the problem?


This error message means that the program finds one or more objects in the plan that have a material applied to them, but cannot find the texture file associated with this material.

This can be caused by a variety of reasons:

  • The texture file has not yet been downloaded on the machine trying to use the file. 
  • The texture file was moved or deleted.
  • The plan file has been moved to another computer and the texture is not available on that computer.
  • The texture file was added from content downloaded from the Chief Architect web site and was subsequently uninstalled.
  • The texture file is not a Chief Architect texture and was not shipped or installed with the program.

To resolve this issue choose one of the following methods:

Download Chief Architect textures

  1. Select Library> Install Core Content.

    This will download and install the Core Catalog content that shipped with the program.

    If you already have installed the Core Catalogs, select Library> Update Library Catalogs to make sure all of the catalogs that Chief Architect provides get updated to the most recent version.

  2. If your SSA (Support & Software Assurance) is current, access the 3D Library and choose to download any missing Bonus and/or Manufacturer catalogs you may have previously installed that are no longer present on the machine (which could result in missing files).

Replace the texture file

  1. Find the original texture file referenced in the error message on this computer or the computer that the plan file was originally created on.

  2. Copy the texture file to the location specified in the error message or place the texture in the same folder as the plan file.  

Export the texture file with the plan before moving it

  1. Before moving the plan to a new location, open it from the original location.   

  2. Select File> Backup Entire Plan from the menu.

  3. Choose to export texture files and images by selecting Backup Plan Files and All Referenced Files to a new folder.  

  4. Transfer the folder to the new location.

    Note: For more information on using the Backup Entire Plan tool, please see the Related Articles section below.