Creating a Screen Porch

Reference Number: KB-00748
Last Modified: July 14, 2021

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite


I would like to add a screened-in porch to my plan. How can I do this?


Screened panels can be created by applying a custom material to the glass in a window and then using copies of this window to form a porch.

To create a screen porch

  1. Select Build> Window> Window  and place a window into one of the walls of your porch.

  2. Select 3D> Create Camera View> Cross Section/Elevation  and take an elevation of the screen porch wall.

    In Home Designer Pro, navigate to 3D> Create Orthographic View> Cross Section/Elevation  instead.

  3. In the newly generated view, select your window and using the edit handles:

    • Adjust the top height of the window to match the top of your wall.

    • Adjust the bottom height of the window to the height where you want the bottom of your screen to start.

      Adjusting a windows size and position using edit handles

  4. Using the Select Objects  tool, select the window and click the Open Object  edit button.

  5. On the General panel of the Window Specification dialog that opens, change the Window Type to Fixed Glass.

  6. Access the Casing and Sash panels to adjust the casing, sill, apron, frame, and sash properties for the window.

    In Home Designer Pro, access the dedicated Sill and Frame panels to modify the sill, apron, and frame properties.

  7. Select the Materials panel, select the Glass component, then click on the Select Material button.

    Materials panel of the Window Specification dialog

  8. In the Select Material dialog that opens, navigate to Home Designer Core Catalogs> Materials> Fabric & Wall Coverings> Sheers & Shades> Screen> Screen, select it, then click OK.

    Selecting the Screen material located in the Select Material dialog

  9. Make any other adjustments to the window, such as to the Lites, then click OK once more to close the dialog.

You can now create as many copies of this window as needed using the Copy/Paste edit button.