Incorporating Colors from Photographs or Websites into your Designs

Reference Number: KB-00732
Last Modified: April 19, 2016

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite or Home Designer Interiors


There are colors in my digital photographs, or that I have found on websites, such as a particular paint manufacturer, that I would like to incorporate into my design.  How can I accomplish this task?


Creating colors in Home Designer from various external files, such as webpages, can be accomplished using the Select Color dialog.

Begin by opening the plan in which you want to use the custom color, then open the source of the color you want to add, such as a webpage or a picture viewer program.  Tile the two windows so that both can be seen on-screen at the same time.

To create a new material

  1. Select View> Library Browser .

  2. Right click on the User Catalog folder and select New> Material .

  3. In the Material Name field at the top of the Define Material dialog, enter a name for your material.

  4. Next, with the radio button remaining on Solid Color click the Select button to open the Select Color dialog.  

    In Home Designer Pro and Architectural, click the Material: color located on the General panel.

To choose your color

  1. In the Select Color dialog, click the Eyedropper tool found on the bottom left side to select it.


  2. Position the eyedropper tool over any visible area of your computer screen, including digital photos and websites.  As you drag the Eyedropper over a particular color on your screen, a preview of that color will display, and when you release your mouse button, that color will be selected.

  3. Click the OK button in the Select Color dialog and return to the Define Material dialog.

  4. Type a Material Name in the Define Material dialog so you can easily find it later. Select the OK button to add the new color of material to the User Catalog folder, where it can be accessed for use in this, and other future plans. 

To apply your color to objects in your design

  1. Materials, such as your new color, are only visible in 3D views, so it is easiest to visualize and apply your colors while in a camera  view, although you can also apply materials in the object's Specification dialog.  

  2. To apply your new material to an object in your design in a 3D view, click the Material Painter toolbar button to open the Select Library Object dialog to the Materials category of the Library Browser.

  3. Browse to the User Catalog category, select a custom color that you have created, and click OK to close the dialog. 

  4. Click on any object in the 3D view, including walls, floors, or cabinets to apply your custom color to that object.