Creating a Masonry Landing with Stairs and Handrails

Reference Number: KB-00555
Last Modified: June 23, 2016

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite or Home Designer Essentials


I need to draw a masonry staircase with a landing and handrails in Home Designer. Is there an easy way to do this?


Creating a masonry staircase and landing for a brick or stone patio can be done easily using Home Designer's built in Shapes catalog and deck tools. In this article we will design a simple staircase using these shapes and the deck tools.

To create the landing

  1. From the menu, select Build> Railing and Deck> Straight Deck Railing .

    If you do not have a foundation(Floor 0) in your plan yet you will want to select Build> Floor> Build Foundation from the menu to generate a foundation level.

  2. Use the Deck Railing tool to draw the outline of the landing in front of your structure on Floor 1.

    If you do not already have a terrain perimeter in this plan create one now by selecting Terrain> Create Terrain Perimeter from the menu.

  3. Select Build> Stairs> Straight Stairs and click just outside the deck to place stairs down to the terrain.

  4. Using the Select Objects tool, select the stairs and click the Open Object edit button to open the Exterior Staircase Specification dialog.

  5. Under the Style panel, uncheck Open Underneath and Open Risers then click OK.

  6. Under the Materials panel change the Riser/Trim, Support Wall, and Tread materials to the masonry material of your choosing.

Closing off the base of the deck

  1. Using the Select Objects select the deck room and click the Open Object edit button to open the Room Specification dialog.

  2. Under the Materials panel, change the Deck Beams, Deck Planks, and Deck Posts materials to your desired masonry material and click OK to accept the changes. 

  3. If you are not already on the foundation floor, select Tools> Reference Floors> Down One Floor to go down to the foundation floor.

  4. Select View> Library Browser  to open the Library Browser, and go to Home Designer Core Catalogs> Shapes> Boxes and select a Closed box.

  5. Click in the plan to place the box and move it under the deck room.

    You can toggle the Reference Floor Display to see where the deck room is above you on floor 1 by going to Tools> Reference Floors> Reference Floor Display.

  6. Resize the box to cover the deck, using the Ctrl or Command key on the keyboard to override bumping and pushing if necessary.

  7. Select 3D> Create Camera View> Elevation and point the elevation camera at the side of the box.

  8. Select the box and move it up and change it's width and height to make it fit under the deck and fill the space. Again, you can hold the Ctrl or Command keys on the keyboard to override bumping and pushing if necessary.


  9. With the closed box still selected, click the Open Object  edit button to open the Geometric Shape Specification dialog.

  10. On the Materials panel, change the Main color material to the desired masonry material and click OK.

You should now be able to open a Full Overview to see the results.