Building a Wine Rack Using a Cabinet

Reference Number: KB-00434
Last Modified: January 13, 2022

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How do I create a wine rack inside of a cabinet?

Physically based full camera perspective view of a wine rack cabinet


A wine rack is easy to create using a cabinet and the specialty storage objects located in the Core Catalogs section of the library.

In addition to creating a custom wine rack using a cabinet, you can locate additional wine accessories by accessing the Wine Cellar Items Bonus Catalog, the Wine Racks America® Manufacturer Catalog, and the Manufacturer catalog. For more information on downloading additional library catalogs, please see the Related Articles section below.

To create a wine rack

  1. Select Build> Cabinet> Base Cabinet . then click in your plan to add the cabinet.   

  2. Using the Select Objects arrow tool, select the Base Cabinet and click on the Open Object edit tool.

  3. On the General panel of the Cabinet Specification dialog that displays, set the Width, Height, Depth, and Floor to Bottom values to your liking.

  4. On the Door/Drawer panel:

      Base cabinet specification dialog on the Door/Drawer panel

    • Click on the Library button next to Door Style and in the Select Library Object dialog expand the list for Cabinet Doors, Drawers, & Panels and navigate to the Specialty Storage folder, where you will be able to choose an object such as a Plate Rack or Wine Rack.

    • If your cabinet currently has a handle or knob, use the Door Handle Style drop down menu to change it to None.

  5. Select the Front panel:

    Base cabinet specification dialog on the Front panel

    • Click on the door area in the preview panel to modify it.

    • If you would like to lock the size of the wine rack face item, select the wine rack door face item using the preview panel, then check the Lock from Auto-Resize box.

    • To remove the shelves in Home Designer Suite and Architectural, deselect Include Shelves.

    • In Home Designer Pro, click on the Specify button next to the Shelves section to open the Cabinet Shelf Specification dialog. Select the Manual radio button at the top, then specify the value next to Number of Shelves to be 0.

      Cabinet Shelf Specification dialog in Home Designer Pro

    • Once all desired changes have been made, click OK.

  6. Take a Camera  view to see the results.

    Perspective camera view of a cabinet with a wine rack beneath a drawer

  7. Bottles from the Wine Cellar Items Bonus Catalog can now be inserted into the wine rack cabinet, along with any additional wine accessories that you may want to place in your plan.