Fixing Wall Display Issues

Reference Number: KB-00379
Last Modified: July 23, 2021

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A number of walls on my plan are invisible in 3D views, though I can select them and edit them in Plan view. They are not set as Invisible. How do I correct this?


Typically, this means that a room is defined with a floor and ceiling  height that are the same. Often, the value for both Floor Height and  Ceiling Height are set to zero or another very low value.

To correct this, first check your Floor Defaults to make sure that your Finished Ceiling Height value is set to a reasonable number and, if needed, adjust this value. Second, reset your Floor and Ceiling Heights on the floor where the walls are not currently displayed.

To check the default settings

  1. Click Edit> Default Settings from the menu.

  2. Select the 'Floor' category and click the Edit button.

  3. Verify that the floor and ceiling heights on the Structure panel are correct.

To reset your Floor and Ceiling Heights

  1. From the menu, select Edit> Reset To Defaults.

  2. In the Reset to Defaults dialog

    • Set the Reset Scope to All Floors.

    • Under the Default section, check the boxes next to Floor Heights and Ceiling Heights.

    • Click OK.

  3. Select Build> Floor> Rebuild Walls/Floors/Ceilings , or press the F12 shortcut key on your keyboard.

  4. To see the changes in a 3D View, from the menu select 3D> Create Perspective View> Full Camera .

  5. Click inside the room and drag to create a new camera view.

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