Placing and Modifying a Rug

Reference Number: KB-00290
Last Modified: September 14, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite or Home Designer Interiors or Home Designer Essentials


I want to place a rug in my plan and change its material. How can I do that?


Placing a rug in your plan and then editing it to suit your needs is easy in Home Designer.

First, you need to place a 3D object symbol to represent the rug itself, and there are a selection of these already in the Library Browser. Once the rug is placed in your plan, you can change the material applied to it.

To place a rug, edit its size, and change its material

  1. Select View> Library Browser from the menu and navigate to Interiors> Accessories> Rugs.

  2. Find the type of rug that you want to place in your plan and click on it to select it, then click in your floor plan to place it. Keep in mind that you can always resize the rug once it has been placed. 

  3. Once you have placed the rug in your plan, use the Select Objects tool to click on the rug to have it selected, and then click the Open Object edittool to open the Furniture Specification dialog. 

  4. On the General panel. set the:
  • Height
  • Width, and 
  • Depth values for your rug. 

    You can also adjust the Width and Depth of your rug using its edit handles in your 2D floor plan, or in a 3D camera view.

  • Go to the Materials panel, select Main, and then click on the Select Material button.

    • Click on the arrow sign next to Materials to expand out this category. 
      While any material can be applied to a rug, there are a good selection of materials located in the Flooring> Rugs section.

    • Once you have found the material that you want to apply to your rug, click on it to select it, and click on the OK button to close the Select Library Object dialog. 

  • Click on OK in the Furniture Specification dialog to apply these changes.

  • Take a 3D Camera  view to see the results.

    Once you have a rug object placed in your plan, you can also use the Material Painter in a 3D camera view to change its material. If you use the Material Painter to apply a "rug" material to the floor, it will apply it instead to the entire flooring surface of the whole room.

  • Changing materials for other objects works in much the same way, such as placing a photograph or painting on a wall, changing the fabric or wood materials applied to furniture, etc.