Moving an Object to Display in the Front of a Group of Objects

Reference Number: KB-00412
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite or Home Designer Interiors or Home Designer Essentials


When I place an object in floor plan view, it appears on top of another object that I don't want it to, or does not display above the object that I need it to.  How can I correct this?


Click the Move to Front of Group edit button to move the selected object(s) so that it displays in front of other objects in the same drawing group. Move to Front of Group functions like the checkbox of the same name in the object's specification dialog.

Move to Front of Group is useful for creating a sense of depth or to improve a drawing's  clarity. For example, you can move a solid circle representing rebar to  the front of a foundation wall with a concrete fill pattern in a cross  section so that the rebar is not masked by the wall's fill pattern.


To use the move to Move to Front of Group edit button

  1. First, launch Home Designer and open the plan in which the object you want to adjust does not display correctly.

    For this example a book is placed on a coffee table but the book is not visible because the display of the coffee table is on top of the display of the book in Plan view.

  2. Using the Select Objects  tool, the book is selected. 

    If the incorrect object, such as the coffee table, selects first, click on the Next  edit button, or the Tab key on your keyboard, to select the next object until you have the desired item selected.

  3. Click the Move to Front of Group  edit button.


  4. The book now displays correctly in floor plan view as on top of the coffee table in floor plan view.

You can use this same process to select and adjust the order of other objects, such as if you have a furniture item that is incorrectly covered by a rug in floor plan view.


Each object in a plan file belongs to one of three drawing groups, which influences whether it displays in front of or behind other objects.

  • The Default Group is where most objects are placed when first created.

  • Objects on the Back Group display behind those in the other two drawing groups.

  • Objects on the Front Group display in front of those in the other two drawing groups.

With the exception of imported pictures, when an object is first created, it is placed in the Default Group. Objects in this group display in front of or behind one another according to program-defined rules that cannot be modified.

Once a CAD or CAD-based object is created, though, you can control how it displays relative to other objects using its specification dialog.

You can use 'Move to Front of Group' to display the object in front of other objects in its drawing group, but not necessarily in front of objects in other groups.